Field School Program in Peru


Indigenous Rights and Legal Pluralism

Learn about the issues and struggles of peoples directly to enforce its rights of self-determination, territory and autonomy in the rise of gold mining.

Ethnomusicology in Cuzco

Approach the andean culture through its music and its ceremonial and ritual contexts visiting the Sacred Valley of the Incas


Amazonian Linguistic Summer School

Visit a native community located in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest to study the Kakataibo, a Panoan language spoken in the Peruvian regions of Huánuco and Ucayali.

Spanish Language and Peruvian studies

Learn spanish as a second language and discover the Peruvian culture.


Ecological Engineering in Cuzco

Learn about green productive technologies used to take advantage of local resources in a jungle ecosystem.

Biodiversity, Water Resources and Climate Change Impacts in the Tropical Andes of Peru

o "Learn about the principal drivers determining biodiversity and actual challenges of changing ecosystems at the Pacific coast and in the tropical Andes of Peru.

Introduction to Fluvial Geomorphology, Precipitation and Drainage Patterns of The Upper Amazon System

Learn about the morphodynamics of the river located at the upper Amazon catchment (e.g. meandering, anabranching rivers), and the expected changes on these rivers morphodynamic patterns based on global models

Sustainable Development

Learn the basic concepts of sustainability and sustainable development, how energy and water are used in Peru, in both urban and rural areas, and the link between economic advancement and energy consumption in the globe.

Viceroyal Architecture in Cuzco

Tradition, Architecture and Territory in Viceroyal Peru

Achieve a better understanding of Peruvian architecture during Viceroyal times and how it clashed and mixed in turn with the ancient architectural and territorial transformations of the indigenous people already in the region.

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"It was one of the most fantastic adventures I have ever gone on in my life! I feel like I have made some life-long friends and a field that I’d like to work in."

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