Archaeology in San Jose de Moro

Archaeology in San José de Moro

Excavate and learn about the cultural history of the Moches focusing on the remains recovered from the cemetery, which was occupied over the course of 1,200 years

Bioarchaeology in San José de Moro

Live the unique experience of taking part in the research process at one of the most complex and important archaeological sites on the Peruvian coast


Indigenous Rights and Legal Pluralism

Learn about the issues and struggles of peoples directly to enforce its rights of self-determination, territory and autonomy in the rise of gold mining.


Spanish Language and Peruvian studies

Learn spanish as a second language and discover the Peruvian culture.

Viceroyal Architecture in Peru

Tradition, Architecture and Territory in Peru

Achieve a better understanding of Peruvian architecture during Viceroyal times and how it clashed and mixed in turn with the ancient architectural and territorial transformations of the indigenous people already in the region.

Earth, natural and environmental sciences

Biodiversity, Water Resources and Climate Change Impacts in the Tropical Andes

Held in two different natural regions of Peru, the course will provide a holistic view of actual socio-environmental challenges in the Tropical Andes and its western foothills.

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