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I.Personal Data
*If any of these information changes during the application process and during the program; it is the student’s responsibility to inform us about those changes.
II. Academic Data
III. Credit Transfer

This information is very important because we are going to mail one (1) transcript to your university according to the information you give us here. If the information changes during the program, it is the student’s responsibility to inform us. Otherwise, the transcript will be sent to the address you give us. Please, complete all the fields below:

*At the end of the program we will send 1 transcript to your university. We can mail a second one to any address you give us for free, anytime you need it. After that, you have to pay $25.00 dollars for each transcript you need us to send

IV. Supporting Documents

Applicants must include a letter of reference from an individual in a position to judge the contribution of the FIELD SCHOOL PROGRAM IN PERU to his/her academic program.

The letter must be sent by email:

V. Medical Report

Please provide the information requested on the accompanying form and give it to your physician with a stamped envelope addressed to:

Samantha Taboada
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
Field School in Peru, International Relations Office
Avenida Universitaria Cuadra 1801
San Miguel, Apartado Postal 1761
Lima, Perú.
VI. Course selection

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