Spanish Language and Peruvian Studies Program

General Information

The program offers formal instruction in Spanish language at two levels: Intermediate and Advanced:

At each level, courses of Spanish Grammar and Spanish Language Conversation are taught. Students have the option to attend either one or two of the courses depending on their communicational needs.

Spanish program Fees

* Exchange students are not eligible for exemption of this tuition. No scholarships available.
** The payment of the program fee is mandatory and only covers the 45 hours of instruction


In addition, the program offers an elective Introductory Course on different aspects of Peruvian Culture such as social reality, history, geography, arts and language.

In order to create a total learning environment:

  • we provide a weekly tutoring service that deals with participants’ difficulties and concerns.
  • Students can access a supporting virtual environment at any time in order to improve their language skills.
  • Optional guided visits  and conferences in Spanish about Peruvian History and Social Reality as well as housing and meals if required.
  • The maximum number of students per class is 10; this allows professors to follow up on each student’s learning progress and reinforce those aspects students need to improve.

Students completing the Spanish Course will be able to meet the international standards of language aptitude evaluation ACTFL.

Calendar 2016

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Spanish Language and Peruvian Studies 

Spanish Grammar

Spanish Language Conversation

Introduction to Peruvian Studies

Hours of instruction

45 hours

Session Dates

2017 – I

June 26 – July 26


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