Spanish Language and Peruvian Studies Program

Student Experiences

Lea’s spanish classes – Spanish program for foreign students

Vincent’s spanish classes – Spanish program for foreign students



I chose the Spanish program at PUCP because I knew I had time before the semester started, and my principle goal in going abroad was language acquisition.

The program was helpful in that it gave me a change to get used to Peru, and a form of class experience, before the semester began full on with a full course load. Furthermore, practice reading, and espescially presenting in Spanish prepared me for assignments and oral presentations I would later be assigned in my classes at PUCP.

I would recommend this program, because it gives you three weeks of language practice that will help you in the coming semester, and on the road to Spanish Language acquisition in general.

Brian Drout – University of Wisconsin, Madison

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Spanish Language and Peruvian Studies 

Spanish Grammar

Spanish Language Conversation

Introduction to Peruvian Studies

Hours of instruction

45 hours

Session Dates

2017 – I

June 26 – July 26


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