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"I enjoyed the academic subject matter and the field work was extremely relevant and enjoyable. The community was extremely generous to us."

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Online courses

Indigenous Rights and Legal Pluralism

Learn about the issues and struggles of peoples directly to enforce its rights of self-determination, territory and autonomy in the rise of gold mining.

Pandemics, Global History and Peruvian Society

This course will analyze the origins, social responses, state responses, and consequences of the main epidemics and pandemics that have occurred in modern history. The course will have a global perspective but will pay attention to the Peruvian case.

Peruvian History and Culture

The course will provide the student with a wide spectrum of Peruvian culture and history, since the Pre-Columbian times to the present.

The Amazonian Languages

The course encourages students to discover, discuss and analyze linguistic patterns that occur in different Amazonian languages. When possible, it also draws relations between linguistic expressions and cultural patterns found in this region.

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