The Field School Program in Peru offers international students the opportunity to join PUCP’s field research programs and have a lively  experience learning Peruvian culture.

  • The total amount of the scholarship is half of the price of the program fee.
  • The amount will be directly discount of the program fee.
  • We offer 2 scholarships.
  • The scholarship doesn’t include the application fee.


Who may apply?
Undergraduate students who have not earned a bachelor’s or a professional degree.To apply for a Scholarship, you must:

  • Be pre-accepted for enrollment to one of our Field School Programs in Peru.
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress.


March 18: Students send their application documents, pay the application fee and email an essay on “Who chooses Peru as a study abroaddestination?”.

March 25: We  will  inform  to  all  the  applicants who  are  the  scholarship winners.

April 22: Complete the  application process by  paying the program fee. Otherwise, the student could lose the scholarship.

May 13: All the programs need a minimum number of students to be opened. In case the program chosen by the scholarship winner is not  opened, the  student can  decide to  participate in  anotherprogram.


  •  The topic must be: “Who chooses Peru as a study abroad destination?”
  •  It must have no more than 750 words.
  • By  sending  the  essay  you  agree  with  the  use  of  it  for  marketing purposes.

Field School Scholarship Commitments

1. Write three articles about the experience so we can feed our Facebook page.

a.   The first article must be sent by July 15.

b.   The second article must be sent by July 30.

c.   The third article must be sent by August 20.

d.   In any case you can chose the topic, but we suggest:

  • Cultural immersion: My first days in Peru
  • The experience of studying abroad in Peru
  • Safety tips for students in Peru
  • 6 steps for thinking local
  • How to learn and have fun in Peru
  • 5 benefits of studying a summer program in Peru

e.   All the articles will be used for marketing purposes.

f.    It must have between 500 and 750 words

2. Send photographs about the field work so we can use them for the brochure and website.

a. At least 10 photos by July 15.

b. At least 20 photos by July 30.

c. At least 20 photos by August 20.

d. Photographs must include field work, field trips, lectures and spare time.

3. Keep contact with our university and help us to enlarge the interest in our program.

4. The student must pay the program fee by May 26.

The total amount of the discount is half of the price of the program fee. and the $150 discount (for full applications by April 1) doesn’t apply for the scholarship winner.

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