The Field School experience

Indigenous Rights and Legal Pluralism



«Very well done, an amazing experience. I am very happy, thank you so much.»

Matthew Walsh – University of technology, Sydney



«Raquel [Yrigoyen] was very knowledgeable in the subject, she knew everything and helped to prepared us. Raquel knew the case like the back of her hand and she was able to prepare us for the community. […] Carlos [Elguera] was great, he helped so much with everything. He was always open to any questions and didn’t get sick  of the question we asked.»

Larissa Karpish – University of technology, Sydney



«Raquel [Yrigoyen] is so nice and welcoming, she made us all feel at home.»

Arabella Orllerenshaw – University of technology, Sydney



«She [Prof. Yrigoyen] was always giving us feedbacks and constructive critics, which I really liked.»

Leslie Martinez – Universidad de Puerto Rico



«Raquel [Yrigoyen] is Amazing! And clearly a leader in her field and very prepared.»

Jacqui Ferraby – University of British Columbia



«All of the teachers were great and caring. They were there for us no matter what , anytime of day or night. They provided unconditional support.»

Larissa Karpish – University of technology, Sydney


Michele altemus

«Everything regarding pre-departure assistance for the program was timely and helpful»

Michelle Altemus – University of Florida


«The coordination was really good, everybody was kind and friendly.»

Larissa Karpish – University of technology, Sydney



«The Program was very well organized. Piero [Fioralisso]facilitated everything very well . I loved the program and would recommend to other students»

Bryce Sentence – University of technology, Sydney



«I think the program was very organized…  I loved the experience and different perspectives»

Crystal Bugg – Ohio State University



«It was very adequate and nice. Piero [Fioralisso] always was able to help and run the extra mile»

Leslie Martinez – Universidad de Puerto Rico



«It was fantastic! We had a small class so it was personal and intimate and the field work was incredible»

Larissa Karpish – University of technology, Sydney



«It was good and I like the size of the group and balance of academic and fieldwork, having a lot of different students also gave different perspectives to the discussions.»

Ashton Hodges – University of Oklahoma


Hélène Desjardins

«It was above my expectations. I loved that we were a small group and being able to go on the field was amazing. Also, the academic level was good.»

Helen Desjardins – Université de Montréal



«I enjoyed the academic subject matter and the field work was extremely relevant and enjoyable. The community was extremely generous to us.»

Jacqui Ferraby – University of British Columbia



«Overall, I have loved this program and only have good things to say.»

Aaron Piercy – University of technology, Sydney


«I think the Field School is an amazing opportunity for students in any field. I learned so much and it should help tremendously with my thesis.»

Christine White – Indiana University Bloomington

Amazonian Lingüistics Summer School

«Roberto is extremely knowledgeable about linguistics. Roberto is really dedicated to his work and has formed a wonderful relationship with the kakataibo people. It was very rewarding to have him as our guide. […] I always felt like I could contact Piero with any question or issues I had, and I knew he would get back to me very quickly»

Sarah Babinsky – Swarthmore College



«Roberto was very helpful and really made a huge difference in my experience in the field […] They were really responsible and cared about the participants. They were always on top of our needs.»

Jennifer Sierra – University of Florida



«I definitely  feel like my skills have improved. Roberto was a wonderful coordinator. All the Peruvian students  were wonderful and helpful as well. […] This, overall, was a wonderful experience. Everyone was very kind and helpful. I feel like this was an enriching experience worth both my time and money.»

Anissa Neal – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


It was excellent, I made a lot of friends and would like to re-visit Peru soon.

Christopher Marinelli – Central Connecticut State University

Archaeology in San José de Moro


Rossana Paredes

«[Carito Tavera] could answer all our questions; she was so patient specially with people who didn’t know much about archaeology.»

Rossana Paredes – Texas A&M University


“Luis [Muro]  was very knowledgeable and a pleasure to be around. Carito [Tavera] was amazing and I feel I’ve learned a lot.”

Matoula Martin – California State University, Sacramento


testimonios 3

«The lectures, the students, and the interaction with the local community really made the entire experience worthwhile» 

Andrew DeLeon- University of California Riverside 

testimonios 2

 «It was one of the most fantastic adventures I have ever gone on in my life! I feel like I have made some life-long friends and a field that I’d like to work in»

Elizabeth Goebbert – Indiana University

Rossana Paredes

«It is a good program. I really learned and enjoyed it a lot. Also, people (assistants and students) were so nice.»

Rossana Paredes – Texas A&M University

«Fantastic! I’ve made some the best friends I’ve ever had during this program and came back so excited and in love with Archaeology. The professors were informative and caring, and treated all the students like adults which gave us the confidence to continue forward in this discovery of archaeology «

Airielle Cathers – California State University Sacramento

yaneli Damian

«I am extremely happy I went I came back feeling a completely different person. I valued my life after living away for more than a month»

Yaneli Damian – Napa Valley College

Melissa Barrett

«I loved interacting with students from all over the world. I had never done field work before, and I feel like the field school program did a good job of teaching me»

Melissa Barrett – Ohio State University

Binh Doan

«Luis [Muro] was an amazing site leader. He was informative and made the process of learning field techniques very enjoyable and fun»

Binh Doan – Yale University

Kara Allison

«I had a really good time. Everyone was very friendly and informative – it made a very nice learning atmosphere»

Kara Allison – Ithaca College

Bioarchaeology In San José de Moro: The Human Osteology Program


testimonios 1

«She taught me more than I ever imagined learning in a 4 week period. I feel very confident going on to similar university level classes»

Erin Evans – Napa Valley Community College 

Chelsea Klein

«I had a wonderful experience in Peru. I learned so much in the bioarcheaology program and am thankful for the professors and teachers assistants that were there to help us. This program will be very beneficial to me in my classes in college so I cannot wait to apply my knowledge»

Chelsea Klein – University of Illinois Champaign, Urbana


Justine Franson

«Marie del Carmen Vega and Mellisa Lund were amazing to work with in the field. Everyone had a great time with them and they helped everyone on and individual basis. Elsa was also an amazing instructor»

Justine Franson – Simon Fraser University

Bernadette Johnson

«Mellisa and Maria Carmen are fantastic teachers and I am so thankful for the oppurtunity to get to study under them!!»

Bernadette Johnson – Eastern Kentucky University

Sara Letsch

«The field school program was amazing! Getting to work out in the field and gain experience in an interactive way was a great way to learn. Getting to meet so many students with similar interests but such varying backgrounds was wonderful and everyone was a lot of fun. As for the academic, it was great. The classwork never really seemed like classwork and I really enjoyed learning from such experienced professors»

Sara Letsch – Iowa State University

Karrah Christenson

«The instructors of the bioarchaeology program were amazing. They spent many hours doing one on one work to make sure that we understood the material inside and out. A great program all around»

Karrah Christenson – University of Kansas

Zocha Houle-Wierzbicki

«[Professors] really are passionate by their work and I really appreciate to study with them!»

Zocha Houle-Wierzbicki – Zocha

Catie King

«The Field School Program was good and very educational»

Catie King – Depaul University

Chelsea Klein

«Elsa [Tomasto] was an amazing teacher who really took the time to make sure we learned as much as possible. She taught me more in four weeks than I ever felt possible. Elsa was very fair and made sure everyone had equal opportunities«

Chelsea Klein – University of Illinois Champaign – Urbana

Ethnomusicology in Cuzco


Melissa Douville

«Overall, I found the Ethnomusicology program to be an enriching experience both academically and personally. I really enjoyed the hands on learning experience and getting to interact with other students who shared my interest in Anthropology»

Melissa Douvile – SUNY New Paltz 

Sara Endy

«I really enjoyed the Field School Program. I particularly enjoyed the small class size because I was able to get to know my peers very well and get more one-on-one attention from the professors. I also feel that I learned a lot through experience not only about the fiestas but also about fieldwork in general, and it has given me a better sense of where I’d like to go with anthropology in the future»

Sara Endy – Indiana University of Pennsylvania

«Renato [Romero] was very patient and knowledgeable. He answered all of our questions and was genuinely interested in our success»

Geoffrey Hipschman

Mary Keller

«I had a great time and would recommend the program to anyone who is interested. The field work was great practice and I will be able to apply it in my Anthropological career. I think the ability to interact with other American students is key. It helped me to quickly overcome culture shock and gave me confidence. I also enjoyed the classes I took at PCUP. It was excellent to be able to get background information before we did the field work»

Mary Keller – Purdue University

Biodiversity, Water Resources and Climate Change Impacts in the Tropical Andes of Peru



As an exchange student in the Geology career at the PUCP I noticed the high motivation of the students. The modern infrastructure of the classrooms and international docents try to support the students as good as possible.

Through the small amount of students, it exists an open contact between docents and students, which helps the students in any case of doubts. I really enjoyed the group works and fieldtrips with an international atmosphere.

Jakob Würfell – TU Clausthal


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