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«She taught me more than I ever imagined learning in a 4 week period. I feel very confident going on to similar university level classes»

Erin Evans – Napa Valley Community College 

Chelsea Klein

«I had a wonderful experience in Peru. I learned so much in the bioarcheaology program and am thankful for the professors and teachers assistants that were there to help us. This program will be very beneficial to me in my classes in college so I cannot wait to apply my knowledge»

Chelsea Klein – University of Illinois Champaign, Urbana

Bernadette Johnson

«Mellisa and Maria Carmen are fantastic teachers and I am so thankful for the oppurtunity to get to study under them!!»

Bernadette Johnson – Eastern Kentucky University

Sara Letsch

«The field school program was amazing! Getting to work out in the field and gain experience in an interactive way was a great way to learn. Getting to meet so many students with similar interests but such varying backgrounds was wonderful and everyone was a lot of fun. As for the academic, it was great. The classwork never really seemed like classwork and I really enjoyed learning from such experienced professors»

Sara Letsch – Iowa State University

Karrah Christenson

«The instructors of the bioarchaeology program were amazing. They spent many hours doing one on one work to make sure that we understood the material inside and out. A great program all around»

Karrah Christenson – University of Kansas

Zocha Houle-Wierzbicki

«[Professors] really are passionate by their work and I really appreciate to study with them!»

Zocha Houle-Wierzbicki – Zocha

Catie King

«The Field School Program was good and very educational»

Catie King – Depaul University

Chelsea Klein

«Elsa [Tomasto] was an amazing teacher who really took the time to make sure we learned as much as possible. She taught me more in four weeks than I ever felt possible. Elsa was very fair and made sure everyone had equal opportunities«

Chelsea Klein – University of Illinois Champaign – Urbana

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