Privado: Archaeology in San Jose de Moro – Excavating a 1,500 Years-Old Moche Temple and Cemetery


This program is directed to graduate and undergraduate students in the fields of archaeology, anthropology, bio archaeology, Latin American studies, Architecture, Religious Studies, and related fields

No previous fieldwork experience is required. Spanish is not required, since most activities are conducted in English. All SJMPA staff speaks both English and Spanish. However, it is convenient for students to have a basic knowledge of Spanish in order to facilitate a fluid interaction with the population of San Jose de Moro.

Many of the English-speaking archaeologists who have worked with us for more than a season are now able to communicate satisfactorily with the program staff and with the population of San Jose de Moro.

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Chepén – La Libertad.

Time period:

1month/4 weeks.

Number of hours:

180 hours.


6 credits

Language of Instruction:




Luis Jaime Castillo, Ph.D. (PUCP)

Luis Armando Muro, PhD.C (Stanford University)


Elsa Tomasto, MA (PUCP)

Teaching Assistants/Staff:

Julio Saldaña (PUCP)

Karla Patroni (PUCP)

Fabrizio Serván (PUCP)

Ema Perea (UNT)

Hoover Cabanillas (UNT)