Sustainable Development

Schedule of Activities




1 Sustainability and Energy


(Lecture, cooperative activity, and field trip)

The topics of sustainability, energy and its implications on developing economies will be covered. Also, a class discussion over the following questions will be initiated: What sustainability and sustainable development means? Is there a path to a sustainable future? Can society achieve sustainability? Why energy is important to society? Why we still rely on fossil fuels? Is there a path for a sustainable energy portfolio? Finally, a field trip to the GRUPO´s experimental field, located at PUCP, will be organized. GRUPO is a group dedicated to research, innovation and technological transfer in favor of rural communities.
2 Energy

(Field trip)

Natural gas is a main source of primary energy for the generation of electricity in Peru. For this reason, a field trip to a natural gas-fired power plant, with a combined-cycle system, will be organized.
3 Water Management

(Lecture, class discussion, and field trip)


The current water and waste water management system in the country as well as the main social conflicts related to this important resource will be covered. Subsequently, a field trip to a local wastewater treatment plant will be organized.
4 Waste Management

(Lecture, cooperative activity, and field trip)


The waste management situation in the country, with special emphasis on scavengers, urban mining and electronic waste, will be covered. Subsequently, a field trip to a local landfill site will be organized.
5-7 Mining

(Lecture, cooperative activity, and field trip)


Mining is a very important economic activity in the country. Thus, the mining sector, formal and informal, as well as a discussion on mining and sustainability will be covered.  In addition, two field trips to mining-related sites in the Peruvian Central Andes will be included.


8-9 Socio-cultural activity

(Field trip)

As a socio-cultural, a trip to the south of the country, specifically Ica, will be included. Participants will enjoy the Paracas National Reserve and experience the city of Ica.


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Sustainable Development


Lima, Ica and Junín.

Time period

10 days.

Session Dates

Jul 7th to Jul 16th 2014


6 credits

Language of Instruction



Ramzy Kahhat, PhD and MSE in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Arizona State University.