Privado: Ecological Engineering in Cuzco

Housing and Meals

The Ecological Engineering course will be taught completely in PUCP’s Ecological Farm in Huyro, which is a center for the implementation, spreading and development of Peruvian rural residents’ sustainable technologies. The 6.5-hectare land has a high jungle ecosystem characterized by having sunny days throughout the year, a well-defined wet season and diverse flora and fauna; which makes from it an ideal environment to grow a variety of native species such as mango, tea, tubers, loquats, bamboo, cane, Andean fruit, coffee, cacao, banana, among others. The farm is a place of recovery and preservation for some of the species which are disappearing from the area. In addition, it is located only 3 hours away from Machu Picchu archaeological ruins, where you can arrive on foot.

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Huyro – La Convención, Cuzco

Time period:

1month/4 weeks.

Number of hours:

180 hours.


6 credits

Language of Instruction:



Miguel Hadzich Marín