Privado: Ecological Engineering in Cuzco

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Upon completion of the course, students will be able:
To apply the theory and practice learned to renewable energies, appropriate technologies, agriculture and permaculture in real situations in order to achieve a sustainable life style.

To apply the techniques learned in agricultural activities, crop processing, and equipment, machinery, and tool manufacturing.

To recognize the possibilities offered and study the properties of the local natural resources and environmental conditions.


The methodology of this course is mostly based on learning from practical experience and daily life at Granja Ecológica PUCP
The course consists of three modules:

  • Appropriate Technologies: Technologies based on renewable energies for tea and coffee processing.
  • Renewable Energies: In order to have a complete sustainable agricultural system, there will be workshops to learn how to transform hydraulic and solar energy into electricity and power for pumping water.
  • Crop Management: Knowledge and techniques related to cultivation of local plants.

For a better learning experience, these three components will be articulated in such a way that thematic coherence will be reflected in daily activities of the course. The modular themes will not be covered independently but concurrently, and they will be interrelated.

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Huyro – La Convención, Cuzco

Time period:

1month/4 weeks.

Number of hours:

180 hours.


6 credits

Language of Instruction:



Miguel Hadzich Marín