Advanced Spanish Grammar

This level is aimed at students who have completed five or six semesters of Spanish language at university level. Advanced offers an extensive revision of the grammatical topics that cause the most difficulties at this stage, such as contrast between the uses of different tenses in the past for narratives, the use of “ser” and “estar” in descriptions, the difference between “por” and “para”, and uses of the subjunctive in opinions and recommendations.

The course offers the revision of Spanish grammar points for advanced students.  Classes are student-centered: The professor acts as a facilitator. A wider range of vocabulary will be acquired as different course activities are developed in class. All class sessions will be conducted exclusively in Spanish.

It is important to point out that the development of grammatical knowledge in Spanish is a means to obtain the final objective of communicating efficiently in Spanish.  Therefore, grammatical issues will be developed through conversational practice, listening comprehension, and reading and writing exercises.

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