Peruvian Mining and Geology

Complementary Activities

There will be several field trips to extend and apply theoretical knowledge and obtain cultural comprehension of the area:

1. Tour about the history of Lima:

  • Huaca Mateo Salado
  • Museo Nacional de Antropología de Pueblo Libre

2. Tour to the “Huaca de la Luna” and other pre-Columbian archaeological sites

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Peruvian Mining and Geology


Lima, Trujillo (La Libertad), Huaraz (Ancash), Cerro de Pasco and Junín.

Time period

13 days.

Session Dates

Jul 10th to Jul 22nd 2014


6 credits

Language of Instruction



Silvia Rosas, PhD in Natural Sciences at Heidelberg University, Germany.

Jean Vallance, PhD at Nancy,France.