Peruvian Mining and Geology


Main aim of the course is to recognize fundamentals of the geological evolution of Peruvian Andes in the field and its relation to the genesis of their ore deposits, as well as the mining methods used in the different open pit and underground mines to be visited including related safety and environmental issues.

The theoretical part is focused on general aspects of Peruvian ore-deposits geology and mining as well as actual mining challenges in Peru.

Three underground mines and two open-pit mines will be visited, covering Epithermal, IOCG, Replacement, Skarn, and MVT ore deposits types, some of them belonging to the group of World Class Ore Deposits.

The geology of the surroundings of Lima as well as the geology of a central Andes cross-section are included, with view of historical mining sites along the Peruvian central road, crossing the world second highest railroad pass (4880 m a.s.l).

A tour to visit some of the famous pre-Columbian archaeological sites at the surroundings of Trujillo (North Peru) like the “Huaca de la Luna” are considered as well as a tour to some of the glaciers of the “White Mountain Range” (Cordillera Blanca), which is the highest and largest tropical mountain range on the planet.

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Peruvian Mining and Geology


Lima, Trujillo (La Libertad), Huaraz (Ancash), Cerro de Pasco and Junín.

Time period

13 days.

Session Dates

Jul 10th to Jul 22nd 2014


6 credits

Language of Instruction



Silvia Rosas, PhD in Natural Sciences at Heidelberg University, Germany.

Jean Vallance, PhD at Nancy,France.