Privado: Ethnomusicology in Cuzco

Housing and Meals

In Lima, students will be staying with local families, having the opportunity to become acquainted with local customs and practice Spanish. Although there are plenty of very comfortable hotels with cable TV and similar services in several cities of the Peruvian Andes, this program intends to integrate the students into the host community and its local customs. Thus, local accommodations have been arranged in a rural community, where we will be able to transport ourselves to the other villages we want to visit. All basic supplies will be at hand, as well as security, emergency health care and communication services (telephone, ATMs, fax and Internet).

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Lima – Cuzco.

Time period:

1 month / 4 weeks

Number of hours:

180 hours.


6 credits

Language of Instruction:



Raúl Renato Romero, Ph.D.
Manuel P. Ráez, M.A.