Privado: Ethnomusicology in Cuzco

Student Experiences

«Overall, I found the Ethnomusicology program to be an enriching experience both academically and personally. I really enjoyed the hands on learning experience and getting to interact with other students who shared my interest in Anthropology»

Melissa Douvile – SUNY New Paltz 

«I really enjoyed the Field School Program. I particularly enjoyed the small class size because I was able to get to know my peers very well and get more one-on-one attention from the professors. I also feel that I learned a lot through experience not only about the fiestas but also about fieldwork in general, and it has given me a better sense of where I’d like to go with anthropology in the future»

Sara Endy

«Renato was very patient and knowledgeable. He answered all of our questions and was genuinely interested in our success»

Geoffrey Hipschman

«I had a great time and would recommend the program to anyone who is interested. The field work was great practice and I will be able to apply it in my Anthropological career. I think the ability to interact with other American students is key. It helped me to quickly overcome culture shock and gave me confidence. I also enjoyed the classes I took at PCUP. It was excellent to be able to get background information before we did the field work»

Mary Keller

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Lima – Cuzco.

Time period:

1 month / 4 weeks

Number of hours:

180 hours.


6 credits

Language of Instruction:



Raúl Renato Romero, Ph.D.
Manuel P. Ráez, M.A.