Privado: Structural Diagnosis of Archaeological Monumental

General Information

Conducted in association with the research team of the Structural Health Monitoring of Architectural and Archaeological Heritage (SHMAAH) this Field School provides students with familiarity with non-destructive experimental techniques, allowing them to learn the application of a number of technologies including drones, laser scanners, ground penetrating radars, and vibration transducers.

By the end of the program, students will be able to conduct 3D reconstruction using unmanned aerial vehicles, geophysical and geotechnical assays applying ground penetrating radar and superficial waves for archaeological and geotechnical engineering studies as well as non-destructive tests for structural characterization through modal analysis and thermography.

SHMAAH has been working since 2012 on the development of comprehensive methodologies for the structural diagnosis of archaeological and monumental adobe constructions using the latest technologies available.

Monumental architecture is a key element in the study of heritage. For this reason, its deterioration and loss would not only have economic, but social repercussions that could affect national or group identities. These buildings cannot be studied through standard procedures: they require interdisciplinary teams to design proper intervention methodologies and to develop sophisticated assessment tools.

 Professor of the Course

Rafael Aguilar received a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from the University of Minho, Portugal in 2010 where he worked in the group of structural assessment of masonry and existent buidlings. He received his Masters Degree in Civil Engineering from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru in 2006 and a Bachelors Degree from the San Antonio Abad del Cusco National University in 2004. Dr. Aguilar has more than 30 publications in specialized indexed journals and international conferences, presenting works on structural diagnosis, dynamic monitoring, structural health monitoriung, vibration control, diagnosis and intervention of heritage buildings, and non-destructive testing.

Words of the Professor

The field school that is being proposed will offer a unique opportunity for people that wants to get a better understanding of the structural diagnosis techniques when studying heritage buildings. The variety of the background of the faculty involved is also a strength of the program since the participants will have feedback of geotechnique, geophysics, and digital signal processing applied to 3D reconstruction.

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Trujillo – La Libertad, Perú

Time Period:

3 weeks

Number of hours:

135 hours




PhD. Rafael Aguilar

Associated Professors:

PhD. Benjamin Castañeda

PhD. Renato Perucchio

PhD. Cynthia Ebinger

PhD. Miguel Pando

Msc. Guillermo Zavala