Privado: Tradition, Architecture and Territory in Peru


The Field School is scheduled to take place on July. Lectures and field work are carried out intensively for a period of 4 weeks, adding up to a total of 180 hours of practical work, hours of lectures and site visits.

Week 1

During the first week, the study of the historical, cultural and social context that resulted on the Viceroyal Architecture and its principal characteristics will take place in Lima.

Week 2 – 3

From the second week on, the program will take place on the city of Cusco. In the mornings, field work will consist in the recognition and measuring of the buildings and elements of the local constructive tradition. In the afternoons, all the information will be gathered and represented with drawings and technical specifications. In parallel, there will be time for historical-documental research, to accurately analyze what is obtained in the field.

Lectures, conferences and talks featuring the most relevant specialists will be organized at this time, regarding the constructive, typological and formal aspects of Cuzco’s Viceroyal architecture; and trying to allow for the integration of the field work and current research.

Week 4

On the last week the field work, constructive details and the theoretical contents of the course should come together for a final presentation that will hopefully also collaborate in the local conservation efforts.

Complementary Activities

The participants will have the opportunity to visit the beautiful local cultural landscapes and the famous Incan (Sacsaywaman, Qengo, Puka, Pukara, Tambomachay, Tipon) and Wari (Pikillacta) archeological remains, all on the same valley where the city of Cusco is located. They will also be able to visit the exceptional Valle Sagrado de los Incas (Pisac y Ollantaytambo).

Students will also be able to participate on the rich cultural life of Cuzco; one that is the outcome of a continuing hybridization process between pre-Columbian millenary traditions and European influences, resulting on particular and unique expressions – among them delicious food and vivacious dances and music.

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Lima – Cusco

Time period:

1month/4 weeks

Session Dates:

July 17 – August 6


Number of hours:

180 hours



Language of Instruction:



Dr. Adriana Scaletti   Arch. Renato Manrique   Dr. José Canziani