Privado: Tradition, Architecture and Territory in Peru

Student Experiences

«We learn from our peers and professors: field work lets us develop an exhaustive understanding of buildings. Besides, there is a nice and interesting environment!»

Blanca Carolina Zegarra

 «It was a fantastic experience: I was able to get close to the reality of historical buildings and their everyday users; thus, I have gained new perspectives regarding ways to understand and preserve them.»

Javier Lazarte

«Conducting field work while completing my studies helped me relate all the theory learned in class to reality, and take possession of the working tools, knowledge and experimentation that otherwise, I would not have gotten.»

Juan Yactayo Sono

«The best of this experience is the working environment because the team is encouraged to learn in situ not only to become sensitive, but to help each other understand the cultural heritage.»

Olenka Palomino De La Mata

 «It is enriching and pleasant; and you learn a lot every day!»

Brayan Candia Quenta

«The course field work let us understand the city and its history from different points of view and at multiple scales: ranging from the observation and study of architectural details to that of the landscape. Direct contact with the objects of study facilitates a stronger connection with their architectural, urban, and socio-political meanings.»

Anna Barrón

«In the past, I was not interested in historical architecture, but this experience has made me change. Now I want to spend more time among old cemeteries, cathedrals and hospitals.»

Alberto Granizo

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Lima – Cusco

Time period:

1month/4 weeks

Session Dates:

July 17 – August 6


Number of hours:

180 hours



Language of Instruction:



Dr. Adriana Scaletti   Arch. Renato Manrique   Dr. José Canziani