Indigenous Rights and Legal Pluralism

Housing and Meals

In Lima, students will stay with Peruvian families where they will find all the amenities and where they will receive breakfast and dinner. They can also have access to our university and have lunch at the campus cafeteria unless the program has a different activity scheduled.

The students will stay in Madre de Dios, near the city centre. They will share rooms, and the breakfast is included.

The territory of “Tres Islas” indigenous community is located outside the Puerto Maldonado city in Madre de Dios. It takes around 40 minutes by car to go from the Puerto Maldonado city to the territory of the “Tres Islas” indigenous community.

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Brochure 2018

Lima and Madre de Dios, Peru (Amazon)

Session Dates

July 2nd – July 20th, 2018.

Time period:

3 weeks.

Number of hours:

120 hours.


3 credits

Language of Instruction:



Raquel Z. Yrigoyen Fajardo

Associated Instructors:

Raquel Z. Yrigoyen Fajardo, Zulma I. Villa Vílchez, Soraya K. Yrigoyen Fajardo and members of the Instituto Internacional de Derecho y Sociedad-IIDS (International Institute on Law and Society-IILS)


Carlos J. Elguera Alvarez