Indigenous Rights and Legal Pluralism

Student Experiences


«Very well done, an amazing experience. I am very happy, thank you so much.»

Matthew Walsh – University of technology, Sydney


«Raquel [Yrigoyen] was very knowledgeable in the subject, she knew everything and helped to prepared us. Raquel knew the case like the back of her hand and she was able to prepare us for the community. […] Carlos [Elguera] was great, he helped so much with everything. He was always open to any questions and didn’t get sick  of the question we asked.»

Larissa Karpish – University of technology, Sydney


«Raquel [Yrigoyen] is so nice and welcoming, she made us all feel at home.»

Arabella Orllerenshaw – University of technology, Sydney


«She [Prof. Yrigoyen] was always giving us feedbacks and constructive critics, which I really liked.»

Leslie Martinez – Universidad de Puerto Rico


«Raquel [Yrigoyen] is Amazing! And clearly a leader in her field and very prepared.»

Jacqui Ferraby – University of British Columbia


«All of the teachers were great and caring. They were there for us no matter what , anytime of day or night. They provided unconditional support.»

Larissa Karpish – University of technology, Sydney

Michele altemus

«Everything regarding pre-departure assistance for the program was timely and helpful»

Michelle Altemus – University of Florida


«The coordination was really good, everybody was kind and friendly.»

Larissa Karpish – University of technology, Sydney


«The Program was very well organized. Piero [Fioralisso]facilitated everything very well . I loved the program and would recommend to other students»

Bryce Sentence – University of technology, Sydney


«I think the program was very organized…  I loved the experience and different perspectives»

Crystal Bugg – Ohio State University


«It was very adequate and nice. Piero [Fioralisso] always was able to help and run the extra mile»

Leslie Martinez – Universidad de Puerto Rico


«It was fantastic! We had a small class so it was personal and intimate and the field work was incredible»

Larissa Karpish – University of technology, Sydney


«It was good and I like the size of the group and balance of academic and fieldwork, having a lot of different students also gave different perspectives to the discussions.»

Ashton Hodges – University of Oklahoma

Hélène Desjardins

«It was above my expectations. I loved that we were a small group and being able to go on the field was amazing. Also, the academic level was good.»

Helen Desjardins – Université de Montréal


«I enjoyed the academic subject matter and the field work was extremely relevant and enjoyable. The community was extremely generous to us.»

Jacqui Ferraby – University of British Columbia


«Overall, I have loved this program and only have good things to say.»

Aaron Piercy – University of technology, Sydney

«I think the Field School is an amazing opportunity for students in any field. I learned so much and it should help tremendously with my thesis.»

Christine White – Indiana University Bloomington

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Brochure 2018

Lima and Madre de Dios, Peru (Amazon)

Session Dates

July 2nd – July 20th, 2018.

Time period:

3 weeks.

Number of hours:

120 hours.


3 credits

Language of Instruction:



Raquel Z. Yrigoyen Fajardo

Associated Instructors:

Raquel Z. Yrigoyen Fajardo, Zulma I. Villa Vílchez, Soraya K. Yrigoyen Fajardo and members of the Instituto Internacional de Derecho y Sociedad-IIDS (International Institute on Law and Society-IILS)


Carlos J. Elguera Alvarez