Indigenous Rights and Legal Pluralism


This program shall last two (3) weeks from July 2nd to July 20th, 2018.

Week 1

Introduction of the course and participants. Introduction to cultural and legal pluralism. Historical policies applied to indigenous peoples in the Americas. Liberal constitutionalism and indigenous exclusion. Social constitutionalism and indigenous integration in the 20th  century. Contemporary policies: from multiculturalism to self-determination. Globalization and contemporary issues of indigenous peoples. Workshops

Week 2

International law on the rights of indigenous peoples: Autonomy rights. Territory rights. Rights to participation, consultation and prior, free and informed consent.
Case study: Native community Tres Islas in Madre de Dios. Analysis of the judgment and challenges in its implementation.

Flight to Puerto Maldonado: Visit to the native community Tres Islas in Madre de Dios.

Week 3

Field work in Puerto Maldonado: Visit to the affected area by mining in the Tres Islas´s indigenous territory. Visit to institutions of

Complementary Activities

The trip shall also allow students participate in some forums or public presentations on indigenous rights in the region.

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Lima and Madre de Dios, Peru (Amazon)

Session Dates

July 2nd – July 20th, 2018.

Time period:

3 weeks.

Number of hours:

120 hours.


3 credits

Language of Instruction:



Raquel Z. Yrigoyen Fajardo

Associated Instructors:

Raquel Z. Yrigoyen Fajardo, Zulma I. Villa Vílchez, Soraya K. Yrigoyen Fajardo and members of the Instituto Internacional de Derecho y Sociedad-IIDS (International Institute on Law and Society-IILS)


Carlos J. Elguera Alvarez